Best of British

For those winter evenings, curl up on the sofa snuggled up in a cosy velvet throw with pom pom trim from Ashley Wilde, whilst the room is lit up with a soft candle glow from Wax and Wick Workshop’s soy wax candles. Wonderful scents are available, from Lavender and Bay Leaf, Juniper and Pachouli, Wild Woods and Fir and Cinnamon and White Ginger. All candles are hand poured in London, whilst the candle jars are made from repurposed wine bottles, which helps to raise awareness about the importance of reusing and recycling whenever possible.

You can relax and put your feet up on one of Suburban Salon’s footstools made from Mongolian sheepskin or faux fur. They come in a great range of colours and choice of legs!  They add texture and luxury to your room. Whilst relaxing, visit and order any of the wonderful products on “The Curtain Co and more”  online shop.

Cushions are a cost effective way of varying the look of your room, by changing them in spring and autumn, or summer and winter. You can brighten the room or make it more cosy ready for the different seasons by introducing new colours and textures.

Bespoke cushions can be made by The Curtain Co to coordinate with blinds or curtains to finish off your room, or you can order cushions from The Curtain Co’s new shop featuring designers, Susi Bellamy, Anna Hayman, Rosemary Milner along with Sanderson, William Morris, Kai and Ashley Wilde.

Meet the designers

The Monkey Puzzle Tree is a design studio working with artists to create beautiful, innovative fabrics and wall coverings.

We create interior products which push aesthetic boundaries through our collaborations with independent artists. Each artist receives royalties from sales of their products, helping them continue creating original, ground-breaking work in their artistic practice.

Every item is made in trusted British factories, to the highest possible standards for fine, luxury-grade products.

We work closely with our manufacturers to make the colour fastness and wear of our fabrics and wall coverings as good as possible, using innovative techniques to create a finish that’s designed to last.

Each of our fabrics and wall coverings is as unique as the artist who inspired them, created from high quality materials, and an investment in beauty.

Charlotte Raffo is the owner and design director of The Monkey Puzzle Tree - it emerged from her lifelong love of interiors combined with extensive experience in product development. Her successful career included working on designer collaborations between Liberty and Mamas and Papas, creating innovative fabrics for the brand's luxury range, and developing leather surface patterns and finishes for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton.

An education in Colour Chemistry mixed with a fascination with art, photography, fashion design and making means Charlotte can successfully direct The Monkey Puzzle Tree's artist collaborations, shaping them into unique and dramatic products.

The Name comes from Charlotte's fondness for these intriguing trees. The Monkey Puzzle Tree, or Araucaria Arucana, is an evergreen tree native to Chile and endangered there, but thriving in the UK. Her parents planted one in their garden, which grew with her!


Susi Bellamy 

Susi Bellamy’s cushions featured below are just stunning. They certainly add colour, texture and great design to a room and have been described as “art for the sofa”. Each design originates from artwork created by Susi in her studio. The marbled designs are inspired by her time in Florence and are created using traditional techniques. The abstract designs have a textural depth that echo the strata of landscape and layers of crumbling palazzo walls. The collaged designs displaying rocks and geodes place an emphasis once more on naturally occurring colours and textures, re-imagined for the modern home. Lampshades, wallpaper and fabrics are available.

Suburban Salon

Ever thrown a sheepskin rug or furry blanket over a chair or stool to create that elusive 'textured, layered' look that Interior Designers love to talk about? Suburban Salon products will enable you to create just that look. Whimsical, unique, inviting and quite simply, a pure delight for both the eye and touch. Their collections are borne out of a love of all things luxe and soft, but also snuggly and cosy. Suburban Salon only use the highest quality faux fur and sheepskin to upholster our stools and best of all, because their products are completely handmade, you can create a totally bespoke look! You can choose the type and colour of the faux fur or sheepskin as well as the colour of the legs!

Rosemary Milner

Rosemary’s designs are inspired by historical narratives and natural imagery. Growing up near to the North Yorkshire Moors has influenced Rosemary’s pattern design which includes imagery of birds, hares, wildflowers reflected in her textiles . Above all, Rosemary has a great consideration of craft and traditional methods of printing and production, from hand-etching to Lino illustration to silk-screen printing. Take a look at her cushions and tea towels below.