Crazy about cushions

Cushions are a cost effective way of varying the look of your room, by changing them in spring and autumn, or summer and winter. You can brighten the room or make it more cosy ready for winter by introducing new colours and textures, along with throws to snuggle in, on those chilly nights.

Bespoke cushions can be made by The Curtain Co to coordinate with blinds or curtains to finish off your room, or you can order cushions from The Curtain Co’s new shop featuring designers, Susi Bellamy, Rosemary Milner along with Sanderson, William Morris, Kai and Ashley Wilde.

The Curtain Co is proud to include great British design talent in its home accessories shop.

Susi Bellamy’s cushions featured below are just stunning. They certainly add colour, texture and great design to a room and have been described as “art for the sofa”. Each design originates from artwork created by Susi in her studio. The marbled designs are inspired by her time in Florence and are created using traditional techniques. The abstract designs have a textural depth that echo the strata of landscape and layers of crumbling palazzo walls. The collaged designs displaying rocks and geodes place an emphasis once more on naturally occurring colours and textures, re-imagined for the modern home. Lampshades, wallpaper and fabrics are available.

Rosemary’s designs are inspired by historical narratives and natural imagery. Growing up near to the North Yorkshire Moors has influenced Rosemary’s pattern design which includes imagery of birds, hares, wildflowers reflected in her textiles . Above all, Rosemary has a great consideration of craft and traditional methods of printing and production, from hand-etching to Lino illustration to silk-screen printing. Take a look at her cushions and tea towels below.



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