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Excerpt below from recent Chivasso newsletter

“We are delighted to present our new CRAFTED POETRY collection, a fascinating combination of romantically interpreted and handcrafted products.

Craftsmanship and romantic spirit are the new key words for autumn/winter 17/18.

In textile trends, the emphasis is particularly on naturalness combined with functional aspects such as easy care and durability, although these aspects are less and less obvious.

More than ever, the focus is on blended structures and mobile surfaces. A handcrafted look, in which a love for the material and for something special can be seen, is increasingly in evidence. It’s precisely the imperfect that is becoming more important.

Among other factors, it is from the increasing romanticisation, which can be seen in fashion trends that we have derived our seasonal colours for 2017/2018 too.

Powdery colours such as Frosted Green and Arctic Ice represent romantic modernity with a Scandinavian design language.

In contrast, extremely shiny surfaces, such as gold and copper, in almost surreal perfection represent luxurious interiors. We combine these with orangey red in contrast with delicate nude colour, for example.

Our new floral printed fabrics are a testimony to our passion for handcrafted textile art.

Soft romantic elements are in harmony with modern interior concepts.”